APQS Standard Machine Features

APQS quilting machines are backed by a 8 year (96-month) warranty on parts and labor. Click here for more information on our warranties.

Lifetime customer support
Whether you've owned your machine for only a day or for 20 years, we're here for you! Our trained service technicians are only a phone call away to help you troubleshoot and answer questions. What's best is that APQS customer support is available free, for as long as you need us. Contact our support team.

Two bobbin options
When you purchase an APQS machine you have the option between two bobbins: Smart Bobbin or Big Bobbin.

Synchronous belt drive
All our machines feature synchronous belt drive technology. This technology will help you produce beautiful stitches, even at the high speeds and in all directions. It also means that your machine will maintain its sewing timing. Click here for more details about our synchronous belt drive.

Thread tensioner
The thread tensioner on APQS longarm machines maintains proper thread tension to help prevent backlash and resulting loops on the quilt back. Click here for more details about our thread tensioner.

Self lubricating bushings
Our sintered bronze self lubricating bushings are strong and flexible and result in smooth and quiet machine operation. Click here for more details about our self-lubricating bushings.

Heavy-duty, fully-enclosed DC motor
The heavy-duty, fully-enclosed DC motor that you'll find on all APQS longarm machines means machine operation will be both safe and quiet.

Variable needle speed
Control is an advantage, especially when you're new to longarm quilting or performing intricate detailed patterns.
APQS quilting machines give you the ability to control the stitches per minute anywhere from 0-2400.

Interchangeable Hopping foot
The APQS hopping foot holds down the fabric while the needle completes the stitch. It also guides stitching around ruler and template edges. The foot height can be adjusted up and down depending on the thickness of batting and/or fabric. Several optional accessory feet are available to help you explore other quilting techniques with your new longarm.

Automatic needle positioner
The two-stage automatic needle positioner stops your machine's needle in the "up" or "down" position. This will help you minimize bent or broken needs and releases thread for free movement of the machine.
The positioner also helps maintain constant speed and torque of the machine and speeds up the outlining process.

Single stitch button, two position
Our needle positioner allows you to choose if you'd like to start in the needle down or the needle up position.
As a result, when you stop the machine it will stop in the needle up or the needle down position, depending on your selection. This gives you more control over the machine between lines of stitching.
Our single stitch button makes bringing the bobbin thread to the top a simple task and it helps simplify basting stitches.

Training CD
Your machine comes with a basic, step-by-step training CD that will help you complete your first longarm quilting project.

Beginner Class
When you purchase an APQS machine you will receive a full-day beginner longarm quilting class with it. Whether you intend to start a business or just want to get your quilts done faster, you'll learn valuable techniques to accomplish your projects creatively and efficiently. Click here to find out more.

Start up supply kit
Our start up supply kit includes needles, bobbins, machine oil, patterns and a sample thread pack.

LED lighting
LED lighting floods your work area with bright light so you can see every stitch, every detail. The light is mounted on the machine and moves with you as you move around the pattern.

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