APQS Machine Options Details

Quilt Glide - Quilt easier with the APQS Quilt Glide feature.

Quilt Glide combines manual sewing mode and stitch regulation mode to give you accuracy and consistency without that "jerky" feeling that is common when trying to do detail quilting in regulator mode alone.
When engaged, the Quilt Glide keeps the needle moving up and down in stitch regulation mode, even when you stop moving the quilting machine. Since the needle continues to stitch when the Quilt Glide is on, you'll feel like you're gliding through your design like smooth pen strokes.
The Quilt Glide can be adjusted to suit every quilting style - whether you want the needle to cycle frequently when changing directions or to move very slowly.

Add the Quilt Glide feature to your new Millennium or Freedom SR for only $1,250. The feature can also be retrofit to any 2008 or newer Millennium.)

Bliss drive system

Bliss - it's the only word we could find that could describe the "floating on air" feeling you'll get when you quilt with our exclusive drive system.
The Bliss Drive System dramatically reduces friction and increases ease of movement. Combine this with an APQS Millennium or Freedom SR sewing head, and you'll feel like you're gliding across your quilt effortlessly.

How does it work:
Specially designed horizontal wheels on the sewing head and roller bearings on the table rails eliminate binding and resistance. The result? Decreased friction and inertia.
The Bliss aluminum alloy table rails are engineered to eliminate the need for truss support. You can choose a table length of 10-, 12- or 14-feet and quilt confidently without worrying about sagging or flexing in the table's center.
With Bliss, you'll be able to quilt for hours on end without the fatigue felt with cumbersome track systems or heavier machines.

Upgrade to the Ultimate Quilting Experience.
  • New Millennium Sewing Head and exclusive Bliss Drive System: $18,400
  • New Freedom SR and exclusive Bliss Drive System: $17,800
  • Bliss Drive System Upgrade for existing APQS owners: $3,000

Power Fabric Advance

The Power Fabric Advance with foot pedal control lets you advance or back up your quilt with the push of a button. Just tap the foot pedal, and the motorized feed turns all the roller bars to move your quilt ahead, saving time.
APQS table design eliminates the need for riser bar adjustments.

The power fabric advance feature is available on all Millenium and Freedom SR machines for $1.350.

Hydraulic Table Lift

The optional hydraulic lift is available as an upgrade to our standard table. It enables you to adjust table height with the push of a button.
Front rollers on the table are set up above tabletop level to make it easier to load quilts and provide the option of sitting on a stool at the front side of the table when doing intricate detail work on a quilt.

Add-On $1500

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